Elizabeth Humphries

Elizabeth Humphries

Elizabeth Humphries
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Mesmerizing blend of traditional and modern in Nashville

Combination of structures at different height - linked by central section. Love stone cladding, windows in double height structure & chimneys

I love the green house idea on the size.  Helps heat the house in winter and adds much loved sunlight!  Besides the ability to create a greenhouse in your own home.  :0) Just what I want!!!

Cute little house/shed with greenhouse. Perfect amount of space for the salon, convert greenhouse to sunroom! I definitely want a sunroom on my tiny house and a large porch.plenty of "outdoor" space!

Complex in its interpretation, this home has a mixed identity. On the outside, it is an old barn. However, this old farmhouse image is contradicted with these modern steel doors.

We like the idea of wood barn doors over glass doors. Lets the light in during use, but closes up to look like a barn the remainder of the time.

I am calmer already.. .. .. 2smplecbn_URtheRverblog

plenty of decking makes the house grow on the outside: "VolgaDacha House" (Dacha, Russia) by Buro Bernaskoni. These decks would be awesome for my backyard.