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You just hear the groaning of those who mess up their eyeliner <<<< xD

I...what...Patrick are you drunk? What is going on in this picture???>>> does anyone notice the girl between Patrick's legs???

Am I the only one who can't help laughing so hand everytime the song starts playing? I just imagin Patrick singing with a serious face and Pete behind him dancing with a lot of sass and... I just can't

Andy looks embarrassed like he is rethinking his choice to be there drummer and Joe is like really guys.

Justfalloutboythings- Crowdsurfing on a raft because you’re Pete Wentz Creator’s Account~ lostinadarkworld Rest of the pictures

Pete : Open wide, Patrick.... Patrick : No. Me : What the f*ck?

*someone on the other side of the world mentions Fall Out Boy* Me:*comes through wall* Yes, your summoning has been successful. Emo Trash, at your service. How may I be of assistance?