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DELICIOUS! Crispy Vegetable Fritters with avocado yogurt dipping sauce | jessicagavin.com #healthyrecipes

Decoupage peacock feathers on canvas. I can do this instead of buying the 200 dollar painting from work

On McLeods Daughters, Stevie wore a very unusual white bridal gown with purple inserts which was designed by Jenny Miles and made by Caleche Bridal Centre

Mcleouds Daughters is my favourit tv-serie. It makes me happy when I am down. And it shows exactly how I worked on a farm in Australia. I drove around the property from Mcleouds Daughters as well with Cath. I mis her and I miss my life over there.

Phoebe, Maddy, Ricky and Hannah aka Isabella Giovinazzo, Kassandra Clementi, Bonnie Sveen and Cassie Howarth!!!