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spring outfit

spring outfit i need but i don't like the striped shirt

Eyeshadow Pictorial :3

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Highlight the Eyes:  When you're tired it shows up in your eyes. And as you get older, it shows up more and more. If you use a product like Eye Beam from Smashbox, you can highlight the inner corners of your eye and the brow bone. It's an instant brightener that makes you look younger and more alert.

How To Make The Eyes Pop. One of the oldest makeup artist tricks is to brighten up the inner corners of the eye with a shimmery white (or soft pastel) eyeshadow. I have heard it called the angel effect or even baby eyes.

Pretty things / Eye-brightening makeup make up for blue eyes. (I know you're not exactly blue-eyed, but I like this for you).

The best eyeshadow for blue eyes brings out the vibrant, natural eye color without overpowering. Eyeshadow colors for blue eyes include shades of brown, purple and yes, e.

adele, is that you?

Shimmer brown and gold eye with dramatic cat-eye & false lashes. This look is not suitable for all eye shapes & skin types but can be modified. Makes blue eyes pop!