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Gruvia bd

I really don't ship Gruvia, but I found this a little adorable. Gray is just like "Why am I here?"<<<how dare you not ship Gruvia!

Repinned so i can read this later! "Never has Eevee been so adorably profound." // I literally just love all the evolutions. <3

I had two eevee's and I bred more from them, but didn't evolve them. I wanted them to be my two little eevee's and I didn't want them to change. I loved them the way they were. is adorable! And the art is fantastic.

One Piece. SO. FUCKING. TRUE. its almost like they're a deadly yet a cute team. Also, it was only Robin who has seen Zoro's softer side with the kids in Water 7 after the end of Enies Lobby war, AND kept it a secret!

i feel a ship sailing in. I kind of like this but not really, but I feel it