Billiards, Ladies?

While writing my latest Harlequin historical romance, 'Playing the Mistress' I discovered ladies played billiards - and these amazing old paintings. Who knew?
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Love this one - not sure she's that interested ... (Odon Marffy, c1906)

Odon Márffy Billiard Room with Green Walls,

“Every actress wants to marry a duke!”  Every actress, it seems, apart from leading lady Miss Calista Fairmont. And for Darius Carlyle, the Duke of Albury, that poses a challenge he can’t resist...  .

My novel 'Playing the Duke's Mistress' is dedicated to Nell Gwynne.

An old advertisement

An old advertisement

Boutibonne (19th century)

Ladies Playing Billiards by Charles Edouard Boutibonne (French

Hansen's Victorian Ladies (amazing room)

Women playing billiards, by Adolf Heinrich Claus Hansen Danish)

The Game of Billiards by Boutibonne

What a badass ;) 'The Game of Billiards' by Charles Edouard Boutibonne, 1869 France

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