Hyde Park, Sydney

Australia, Hyde Park, Sydney Australia - one of the most beautiful parks I've ever been to.

Sydney Harbour, New Year's Eve

Sydney Harbour Fireworks on the bridge - 2000 the millenium, celebrating Arthur Malcolm Stace – who, converted to Christianity spread his form of gospel, writing his “Eternity’” message in chalk on footpaths in Sydney for 37 years, beginning in

Brooklyn Heights promenade

One of the most romantic spots in New York City, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade offers a vista of the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline and the majestic Brooklyn Bridge.

Moon over Park Slope, Brooklyn

The moon makes Park Slope, Brooklyn look extra enchanted, right?

Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. I lived here for 17 years.

Rushcutters Bay, home away from home

Opera Bar, Sydney

Crossed it off the bucket list! Have a drink at the Opera Bar - Sydney Opera House.

Apotheke, NYC

apothekenyc-apotheke-nyc-bar-new york-cocktails Daddy’s 437 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney - walk till Miss Macquarie Chair to have a great look (Opera House and Bridge in the Background)

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