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** ex libris Rose with 'strength' stem by Banul

** ex libris Rose with 'strength' stem by Banul ( I would love to do this with my husband's name and the flower to be a Gerber daisy. The first flower he ever got me!

Mountains - minimalist tattoo

Website Boredpanda has compiled more than 15 minimalistic tattoos made on people’s foot. Autumn leaves or fragile snowflakes, a very thin poppy, a cat, a

Image Source: Instagram user smalltattoosco

I would get my grandparents finally resting place (their graves) since that is permanent just like the tattoo. They had a large impact on my life

WAVE : STRONGEST FORCE ON THE EARTH ||| SMALL TATTOO DESIGNS ||| 30 Small Tattoo Designs With Powerful Meaning || FENZYME.COM

Wave is the strongest and most powerful natural force on earth. It has been a disaster for some sailors and savior for some. Getting a wave tattoo done symbolizes riding these waves and making the most out of it.