1600s - End Elizabethan Era | Start Stuart Period | End Renaissance | Start Baroque Period

Studio of Peter Paul Rubens Portrait of the Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain, c. 1615 The National Gallery, London ““Isabella Clara Eugenia Archduchess of Austria, was the daughter.


Face Attributed To Raphael" - Portrait of Joan of Aragon, Vice-Queen of Naples


Betrothal portrait of Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII of England by Holbein. It was on the basis of this portrait that Henry VIII chose her to be his fourth Queen. Date: 1539

1550s - Start Elizabethan Era

Tizian 072 - in Western European fashion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1560s - Start Jacobean Era

1606 Queen Isabel of Valois holding an ornamented fur by Juan Pantoja de la Cruz


Marie de Médicis Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienne) d’Alessandro Allori