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Burn fat for up to 24 hours with this 4 Minute Afternoon Burn Workout.

Here is one of my FAVORITE no equipment at home workouts for when I want to target my glutes and continue building myself a booty. It's been a long time just getting this far with my backside and there's no way I'm stopping now. Of course heavy weights ar


8 Best Workouts To Do In Under 10 Minutes. Short workouts are perfect for when you're new to working out or when you're just feeling lazy. These workouts focus on every major problem area so you can alternate between them however you want.


Butt Exercises that really work! Do them all for a complete booty building workout : ) 3 sets of rest 10 seconds in between reps, and rest 20 seconds in between sets, add ankle weights if you want to.


Try these 8 yoga poses to help you open your hips and get into the splits. All you need is an open heart and mind and patience.