Harry Potter

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Boat Logistics Coordinator: Our boats love to carry students back and forth to Hogwarts, but occasionally they wander off! Need able-bodied student to travel the lake and find lost boats and/or now-feral students.

Harry Potter

Not really a movie quote, but combines two movies... Well, one fan created this awesome meme combining two things everyone loves most about each fandom. | The One Meme Every "Harry Potter" And "Fault In Our Stars" Fan Needs To See

The Marauders - Moony [Remus Lupin], Wormtail [Peter Pettigrew], Padfoot [Sirius Black], and Prongs [James Potter]<<< If someone could make this poster and just like give it to me free of charge, that would be awesome!

Houses of Hogwarts: Minimalist Poster series inspired by the Harry Potter film and novel series. // this looks very game of thrones inspired, i thought the first two were going to be baratheon and lannister

Harry Potter

This blog is dedicated to the lovely actress, Emma Watson. Since January 2010

...I could actually see this happening. One was a potions genius and the other was involved in a sport where people literally could get hurt by one of any hundreds of ways. They could get away with ALL KINDS of attacks on the competition.