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Magnetic number of the day. It could be stationary or mobile. Great idea!

Calendar Time- Math center made with oil drip pan. Think I would add money to it too. Velcro to back of shelf.

Lots of part part whole worksheets!! Great practice for ways to make numbers

Part Part Whole worksheets to practice making numbers and so many more number sense printables and activities

Games are a great way to reinforce learning in the classroom. In this post by The Teacher Next Door, you'll learn about seven math games using playing cards that are free and easy too! These math games are perfect for 3rd - 5th graders and will help them master a number of math concepts.

Seven FREE math games using playing cards to help your students increase their math skills. Helps reinforce multiplication, place value and fractions. Fun and effective practice for - graders.

Make as a game - shake and write the number in standard and expanded form.

Here's an easy photo tutorial, plus some FREE labels for making a place value teaching tool out of a dollar store pill box. Great for reading and writing numbers in the millions and decimals!

100 Chart Puzzles Year Bundle + Freebie

100 Chart Activities for the Year!

Fun Dominoes Math Counting Activity for Kindergarten

Fun, Simple Kindergarten Counting Activity for kids! Practice math with pieces from the game cupboard.