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Adding and subtraction with cards

Playing Card Addition & Subtraction print out from The Lesson Plan Diva. Lots of good freebies on this site! Player keeps card. The first player to 10 cards wins

Real life anchors for doubles.

Here's a chart with real-world examples of doubles facts. This is awesome. I wish I would have thought about this.

Ten Frame Anchor Chart...LOVE this!

Year 2 - Solve simple addition & subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental & written strategies Commutative Property, Building to Doubles, Tens facts, Adding 10

Preschool Homeschool Lesson Plans: Week 2, Age 3 - Mud Hut Mama

Our preschool homeschool lesson plans for week two had us cutting and pasting, practicing letter sounds, sorting pom poms and making nature journals.

Recount Plan FREEBIE

FREE Recount Writing prompt - great for back to school (great modified prompt for low level learners).

Balance Symbol - got it, love it!                                                                                                                                                     More

Balance Symbol // It's an L! I need to find more balance. I get so intensely focused on one thing that I let other things slide.