As vantagens e desvantagens das casas modulares.

Home and Apartment, Grass Green Design Idea Also Beautiful Innovation Then Best Rated Modular Home Design Idea Also Wall Color Design Idea ~ Excellent Design Of Best Rated Modular Homes With Wonderful Style And Nice Building

Casa modular

Residential Architecture: Freshwater House by Chenchow Little: “.The Freshwater House developed the idea of the operable façade to mediate between the requirements for privacy and shading on a relatively public site adjacent to the beach.

Casa modular ecológica.

One+ Modular Prefab Homes Are Like Legos for Adults

One+ is a small home modular system designed by Lars Frank Nielsen of the Danish studio ONEN for the Swedish company Add-A-Room. It allows to build small homes or additions to existing ones based on prefabricated 15 square meter modules. These modules are

Casa modular em Madrid, Espanha.

Modularing House in Madrid, Spain

A-Cero Architects is rolling out its own kind of prefab in its new Modularing House in Madrid, Spain. The Modularing House is built from a number of facto

Casa Modular em Kilmore, Victoria, Australia.

Country Victoria Modular House by Carr Design Group

Australian design firm Carr Design Group have completed a modular house in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia.

Casas modulares. Casas pré-fabricadas. Construção modular.

Architecture, : Extraordinary Minimalist Small Modular Homes Design With Frameless Glass Windows For Natural Lightning For Green Home Design

Casas modulares. Construção modular. Casas pré-fabricadas.

Casas modulares. Construção modular. Casas pré-fabricadas.

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