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DIY Brown Paper Packages Christmas advent calendar craft idea. This is adorable! You can reuse the frame for other advents too.

Now that I have a huge frame with no glass, making something like this would be great! And I could maybe use it at other times of the year to display kids art or notices

DIY Sensory Swing | Activities For Children | Do It Yourself Furniture | Play At Home Mom

This is the sensory swing my husband made. Ours is in the garage. - AK Things you need: Board (We found ours in the scrap pile at .

The Blaxland Riverside Park is an unique, futuristic outdoor play place in Sydney, Australia designed by JMD Design. The park is square meters of pr

Julius Kahn Playground, Bay Area :) Pretty cocky about finding this one ;

I have decided all houses need an indoor slide. I want a trap door in my kitchen floor with a slide to the basement play room.need a house with a basement first

Long slide in Plikta, one of Gothenburg’s best playgrounds, Sweden; photo by Fine Little Day/Elizabeth Dunker

Yarn Bombing Yarnbombing (also known as Knit Graffiti or Knitta) has become a popular way for crafters to practice a new kind of street art. Instead of paint, pre-knit swatches are knitted into objects and sometime veh

Oui Cherry: Knitted trees and other interesting things