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I feel this ughhhh the struggles

This is my life. I relate especially to the last one since I got hit in the face during gym class with a dodgeball and my glasses broke :( now I have glue holding them together XD<<< I don't wear glasses but this is sooo funny


My superpower? I change from "pretty girl" to "hot, panting, smelly, wad of hair and sweat" in under 30 minutes.

2015 Funny Memes

actually, when the teacher PICKED the slowest reader to read out loud.i think it was their form of self mutilation. ~~~~ What if that slowest reader likes to read but can't read as fast as others!

30-day plank challenge infographic v5

This is a bit different than the other 30 Day Plank Challenges. I varies each day, instead of just adding 10 seconds each day.