great centerpiece for a party. cover tables with paper and doodle away. #kids #party #centerpiece

great idea for kids table - coloring supplies in mason jars and a white paper table cover they can color

So perfect!!

TREND: Art Themed Parties on

I thought this was a great idea for kids parties, not just for birthdays. You could do balloons and pipe cleaners or ribbon to match the occasion. Balloons & pipe cleaners - this is cuter than the other balloon wreaths I have seen

Wiggly candy (skittles of course!)

Wiggly coloured candy is a great idea for your Wiggly party (as long as you don't eat too much!

"Cold Spaghetti"

How to Dye Noodles--the Crafting and Edible Version!!!

Recipes for make your own. Playdoh, bath paint, big bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc.

Wiggles big red car cake and cupcakes.

Wiggles Cupcake Tower - My first attempt at the Wiggles Big Red Car and Cupcakes. The car is carved out of white chocolate mud cake covered with fondant icing.

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