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28 Magical Beauty Products That Are Pure Genius

NYX Smile Brightening Lip Gloss - This clear gloss warms up when you apply it, turning into a pinkish-reddish hue with a blue undertone that magically makes your teeth appear whiter. THANKS SCIENCE

Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin)

Tyler Hoechlin I don't care if his Teen Wolf character loses every single fight he's ever engaged in. I would carry a large First Aid kit and tend to his wounds.

I got Aiden - Which Teen Wolf Guy Should You Hook Up With? - Take the quiz!

{ The Carver Twins } "Hey! I'm Ethan, I am 20 and single. I am gay. I am here studying wildlife biology, I'm quiet and tend to keep to myself.

Isaac Lahey/Daniel Sharman. Look into his eyes. Aren't they hypnotizing?| 41 GIFs Of The "Teen Wolf" Men To Make You Drool

Isaac--not my favorite person from the show, but look at those eyes. Aren't they hypnotizing?

holland roden tyler posey - teen wolf

Tyler Posey & Holland Roden :) Their Not Only Funny But Adorable Together!