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I laughed waaaay too hard at this! It's just so funny!!!

Check out this funny picture of Kermit the frog on a scooter running away from the police.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 93 Pics

This Is Soooo Funny! Dog thinks it needs to wait in line for a treat. So funny but adorable at the same time lol.This Is A Good Doggie!My Dog Would Be Like Forget This.I'm Going To the Front of the Line.

hide and seek dinner

I'm not a fan of dog shaming, but this one is funny. "I broke into the pantry and hide potatoes around the house.

It's so funny I just love grumpy cat

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17 Disgruntled Cats Letting The Family Dog Know Who’s The Boss

Aged care- this says it all! refuses all cares and then complains to their family about it, does my head in!

Or the family member complains that Mom hasn't had a bath all week to the charge nurse :-/