This is a small series of digital paintings by artist Justin Turrentine called 'Happy Endings for Disney Villains'. It features (you'll never guess!) illustrations of Disney villains if they'd come out on top. Snow White one is creepy

Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch (Villains)

Do you and your sweetheart dream of a happy ending? Let's see which fantastic fairytale couple you most resemble?

They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch. She is just called the Sea Witch in the original, she is said to have been ugly and old mermaid, not a octopus. Her eels are what I would imagine where guarding her location.

I got Flotsam and Jetsam! Who Is Your Disney Henchman? You are driven and extremely focused. These two are united and motivated to help. No matter what, their unity will always come in handy