Eucalyptus macrocarpa - Rose of the west, a favourite, hardy, bird-friendly…

Eucalyptus Macrocarpa - Rose of the West, a favourite, hardy, bird-friendly Australian native species aka red flowering gum.

Native Everlasting Daisy Rhodanthe chlorocephala - these are a must for our native garden. I so love the colour.

Native Everlasting Daisy (Rhodanthe chlorocephala) Grows naturally in the south of Western Australia extending into South Australia.

Callistemon citrinus 'Endeavour' - Bottlebrushes (botanically belonging to the…

Callistemon citrinus 'Endeavour' - Bottlebrushes (botanically belonging to the genus Callistemon) are among the most popular and colourful Australian native flowering plants both in Australia and overseas.

Callistemon. native Australian flower

native Australian flower - commonly called bottlebrush - loved by all nectar loving birds. My street is lined with these.

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This unique plant can support biodiversity as it can mix well with other plants and supports pollinators

Banksia ericifolia - Heath Banksia

Banksia ericifolia - Heath Banksia, one of the most beautiful banksias in Australia.

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