The view tho

wake up to this view every morning.❤ A Bedroom with the view of the ocean. How Grand.


bohemianhomes: Bohemian Homes: Dream Tub - Milk & Mead Its like the japanese soaker tubs.

An indoor/outdoor tub for garden bathing. Love it, but not the need to step into the tub to access the outside area.


Tropical Tree-House paradise [+Homes +Tree House +Architecture +Bedroom +Design]

Space can be smaller - along with the spa. Keep floor single level and try to keep spa flush to the floor - as well as window. Try to keep edges and walls smooth. Let the view speak in more volume than you could ever utter.

Distinctive Cycladic tradition meets minimalism at Kapari Natural Resort

Floating luxury yacht Island is the now concept for a super rich. Tropical island getaway built into the design of super yacht.

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