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2016 wildlife photographer of the year - winners in pictures

American photographer Tim Laman was named winner of the prestigious annual competition for his image Entwined Lives, showing a critically endangered Bornean orangutan in the Indonesian rainforest


"Shiro wasn’t even back on Earth for 1 day before he was ripped back right into space. Shiro got to: breathe his home planet’s air, feel the sun on his skin, feel the ground under his feet, hear, see, ... touch natural flowing water... the wind, only to have it taken away again later that day. Which is why the line, “I’ve been locked up by aliens for a year. This is nothing!” breaks my heart every time. ... He’s genuinely grateful to be anywhere but Galra captivity" - by shiroisthenewblack


That's for real. Do something. How about TM® Lots of side benefits for the individual while creating Invincibility for every nation. Check out the Meissner Effect here:


Ladakh seems wondrously unreal, so unique is its landscape. You might feel like you’re on the moon, or on another planet. The landscape rises and falls, changing colours and terrain. The barren hills and undulating valleys lay down a setting for a Dali masterpiece about to be painted.​: 1. You are on the moon


Dolomites, Südtirol Water is important for our planet. It connects the lakes, rivers and the sea with the sky.


Art for a Star Wars Reimagined How looks Earth in a far far galaxy? Ok. I thinking about a new trilogy of Star Wars, about new characters and new planets. I'd really want to see a new interesting planets. And what if a new planet will appear an Earth - Terra Incognita in the far far galaxy. So what if a lonely jedy or a sith just crushing down on an alien planet and he can't understand where that planet is and what's going on. And I decided to create a possible view of that planet) Why not?

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Easy Peesy French Bread

In the past, I’ve always past over any recipe containing yeast because I was convinced I didn’t have the skills to carry it out.


Style and Create — An apartment beyond beautiful - the home of a person whose style and taste I really admire! | Photo by Anders Bergstedt for Entrance


This is why the Lakota are fighting in North Dakota, for themselves, yes, but also for the rest of us

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Free Educational Songs for Circle Time

"The Solar System Song" by A. J. Jenkins, “The Planet Song”: a funny song by Bryant Oden, and “Family of the Sun” from “Exploring the Planets” exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum until 2006.