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Outdoor kitchen with natural wood and stone-SR

awesome Outdoor kitchen with natural wood and stone-SR... by


16 Cool Homesteading DIY Projects For Preppers

DIY cool homesteading projects & life hacks . |


In 2016, Le'Veon Bell became the 1st player in NFL history to average at least 100 rushing & 50 receiving yards per game in a season.


Beginner's Guide to Reloading Ammo 2016

Save more than 50% off ammo and shoot 1/2-inch groups at 100 yards with reloading


Bluebird Nest Box Plan Nest Box Tips Erect boxes in large, open areas such as fields or farmland Do not place a perch on the box as bluebirds don’t need one and European starlings may benefit from one Do not paint box Place multiple boxes at least 100 yards apart Erect boxes by the 3rd week in February Place boxes 4-6 ft above ground and install a predator guard on the pole Place boxes at least 100 yards from buildings Remove nests from House sparrows or European starlings; it is legal to…


After a recent tornado, I used the cedar limbs of the downed tree from the front yard to build this cool barbed wire fence "step over stile". It is so much better than walking 100 yards or more in one direction or the other to get to a real gate. It also beats slipping between the wires and tearing my clothes. And best of all, I never have to worry that it's been "left open" and the cows will get into the yard! I love it!


Growing Blue Hydrangeas

Tips for Growing {Blue} Hydrangeas! I have never managed to maintain a blue hydrangea and I love them. Even Nikko blue went a mottled pink here! We have a thin clay soil over chalk, in fact we are 100 yards from an old chalk quarry, now landscaped. Even my white hydrangeas end up pale pink, my next door neighbour has done it though by planting a rusty iron bar right underneath his plants.....


Shane: I never read anything about a shoulder injury. Tim: Yeah, well, that's 'cause it didn't happen at a rodeo. Gunshot. Shane: Wait. Really? Tim: Yeah. Yeah, real standoff. Some of the meanest, orneriest cattle rustlers you ever met in the West. I don't talk about it much... There were a lot of rifles. Amy was surrounded by them; They were all aimed at her. I had to. And then I dove. Dove in front of a bullet. I had to run 100 to 150 yards - a sprint. Yeah, I won't forget it... (5x07)