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The Training Plan That'll Help You Run Your First—or Fastest!—10-K

The Training Plan That'll Help You Run Your First—or Fastest!—10-K! Click through for full guidelines.


Exactly What to Eat the Week Leading Up to a 10-K

You've put in weeks' (or maybe even months') worth of training—but if you aren't eating right leading up to a then you might be preventing yourself from getting the time you're aiming for. Prep for your best performance possible by following this ea


Print It: Intermediate 10-K Training Plan

This training plan calls for speedwork once per week, which will help regular runners improve their 10-K time


Your Easy 10K Training Plan And Tips To Crush It In Just 8 Weeks

Yes, you can run a 6.2-miler in four weeks with just three workouts a week. Youll earn serious bragging rights and burn some 650 calories. We mapped out a simple calendar thatll help you get there..


Run a 5- or 10K (or More!)

Guess what you can accomplish in just one month: Clean up your diet, for real! Get your physique primed to ace a 5- or 10K race! Drop a cool 12 pounds without ever feeling deprived. Here you'll find your master plan to make it all happen.


10 Race-Day Tips to Remember

Beginner plan: Runs start at 15 minutes long. Most of the weekday runs take less than 30 minutes, and the longest run tops out at 5 miles. “Once you hit a weekly long run of four or five miles, you can take on a and finish with a smile on your face