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Larry Bell's 12 Power words with song and movements-this will be in my head all summer!! Thanks Mr. Thompson! lol!


FREE!! Looking for a reference poster for the 12 Power Words? These academic words are often seen in high-stakes testing and may confuse students, make sure your students are prepared by using Larry Bell's strategies on incorporating the 12 Power Words into your instruction. How to use this Power Word Freebie? *Print it out *Hang it up *Resize and copy so students can glue into their notebooks / tape to their desks *You decide!


Test Taking Vocabulary and more -Posters and Strategy Cards to ease test anxiety

12 Powerful Words!! Ease test taking anxiety by teaching students STRATEGIES to take their tests. State tests often have difficult wording that can stump our students. File includes: 12 posters and 12 mini cards for reference at their fingertips. Use the posters to teach the test vocabulary and skills. Students are then given index size cards to add to a metal ring for quick reference to keep in their desks or on the side of their desk.