12 week growth spurt

Wonder WeeksWhat is a Wonder Week? A wonder week is a developmental leap. Kind of like a growth spurt, but for the brain. Just like babies go through physical growth spurts, they also go through spurts in mental development. When Do Wonder Weeks Occur? Wonder weeks generally occur at the following times (calculated at gestational age i.e. how old your baby would be if they were born at 40 weeks): 5 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 19 weeks 26 weeks (6 months) 37 weeks 46 weeks 55 weeks (just after…

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Breastfeeding through a growth spurt. What to expect and how you can manage it. #breastfeeding #hungrybaby #GCBC

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Is your 6 week old baby going through a sleep regression, or is it a growth spurt? We provide answers, as well as 6 week old baby sleep tips and help.

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The Wait It Out method of sleep training - very sweet letter from a mama to her 3 month old daughter

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The WIO (Wait It Out) Method of Sleep Training --- Oh, how I love this! Never been a fan of CIO... This is so much more my style.

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The WIO (Wait It Out) Method of Sleep Training -This made me feel so good, I tried the cry it out method with my first baby a few times and hated it and I will never do it again, although I do find if you let them fuss for about 3-5 minutes it helps them to fall asleep faster by using up their energy!

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At 16 weeks! This week, the baby is going through a growth spurt. Soon she'll be growing locks of hair on her head and she's already started growing toenails. Every day, her heart pumps about 25 quarts of blood through her body.

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