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Hello! I'm Charles King a fourth year Ravenclaw student. I enjoy reading and inventing new wizarding things. For example, my wand. It's actually stone with a Thestral hair... A bit unusual but it's the only one that works. Also, I'm a pure blood but I do t think anything of it, I guess I'm a bit nerdy, and if anyone would like to talk, I'll be in the library.

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"I still see him as this little eight year old boy, you know?" "But he's not anymore, Liz" "I know, it's just tough. I know I still treat him like it. I have to protect him, like I promised my parents I would"

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A Dozen Spectacular Book Series for 9 - 12 Year Old Boys!

Looking for series books for 9 - 12 year old boys? This list has some really good books to get (and keep) your boys reading. One dozen exciting series they are sure to enjoy.

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Funny Book Series for 9 - 12 Year Old Boys

These funny book series for 9 - 12 year old boys will get your boys will get your boys laughing and hooked on reading.

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Best Books for Boys ~Recommendations by an 11 Year Old.

A list of best books for boys. Good clean adventure books that boys will love to read over and over.

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The Mighty Boy Reading List: Ages 9-12

Raise boys that love to read! GREAT suggestions, plus lists for older boys and girls, too!

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new chapter book recommendations for kids ages 8 and up

Does Your 8 – 12 Year Old Need Good Middle Grade Books?

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Exercises for 12-Year-Old Boys

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I apologize for the unnecessary language (even though I hardly do because I always forget)

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