Hero Maestro Edge 125cc scooter to be introduced soon http://blog.gaadikey.com/hero-maestro-edge-125cc-scooter-to-be-introduced-soon/

1953 Simplex Automatic was built in the South. It had a single 125cc engine and with that auto trans got around 100mpg. Just a very good design.

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1951 Vespa 125cc My Parents had one of these in Athol, Idaho when I was growing up. They are so cool. Brings back memories!

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Yamaha BWS 125cc scooter - http://motorcyclesforsalex.com/yamaha-bws-125cc-scooter/

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Daelim B-Bone 125cc Scooter - not exactly a motorbike, but just seen this at the Manchester Bike Show and fell in love with it - would be brilliant commuting to work in the summer - definitely top of my two wheel wish list!!!!

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