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Out go the pennies...... On the 14 th February 1966 I wish the US would follow suit and stop making pennies especially since it takes more to make them than they're worth! : )

The latest Google Doodle from the kit of Google honors french photographer Robert Doisneau on his birthday. Robert Doisneau was born on 14 th April 1912. He was pioneer of street photography with Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Birthday message for boyfriend! Mason jars filled with different candy, each corresponding with the note on the jar. "You're my favorite fish in the sea."-Swedish fish "Life would be borderline unbearable without you."-Gummy bears "Hope you're not snickering at how silly this is."-Snickers "And you probably think I'm a huge nerd."-Nerds "But I want you to know I adore you to pieces."-Reese's pieces "And I'm pretty hooked on you."-Gummy worms

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City of Greensburg

My 14 th birthday is tomorrow. So excited

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