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23 Super Satisfying Low-Carb Dinners

Low Carb Rezepte


Ranch Cauliflower Bites

You won't be able to stop eating these low-carb Bacon Ranch Cauliflower Bites—they're addictive! Get the recipe on


Neat Idea... ihaveaskinnydream: I outlined my body from my starting photo and put it on top of my current photo so I could see my progress in a new way. I think it came out very interesting. From 180 to 150. It really shows how weight comes off everywhere. omg doing this when I reach 130lbs ^same. This is amazing :) good idea too! and i’m gonna do it now you know how many people are gonna do this?!


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There is even more good news from Dublin Zoo with the announcement of the arrival of a third Asian Elephant calf! The healthy female calf was born to mother Bernhardine at 11.45 pm on September 17th, weighing in at 68kg (150 lbs).


Depression and insecurity? Maybe another lie detector test for your husband can help fly ou drop like 150 lbs you fucking insecure lardass