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King Richard's ring. English, 15th century. possibly belonging to Richard the III (1483-85).


An archer's pavise of Klausen type, the wooden body probably 15th century. Shields bearing this painted armorial scheme are considered to be associated with Archduke Sigusmund of the Tyrol (1427-1496). The Saint George's shield became the badge of the Swabian League, of which Sigusmund was a member. A quantity of shields of this type was discovered in the small town of Klausen, in the South Tyrol, in 1871. The majority of these shields were repainted in the late 19th century.


The Clonca graveslab. Believe it or not one of the earliest depictions of a hurley and sliothar comes from Co. Donegal, home of the All-Ireland football champions! It is found on a 15th century graveslab from Clonca (the ball and hurley/Camán are located beside the sword).


Master of the Legend of St Catherine (Netherlandish) last quarter of the 15th century - Scenes from the Life of St. Catherine brussell


EMBRIACHI FAMILY WORKSHOP ITALIAN, VENICE, 15TH CENTURY AND LATER MARRIAGE CASKET partially gilt bone, horn and wood with red velvet lining and gilt ornaments