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mens fashion 1940s(1)......... 1940s men in pleated trousers, suit with tie, fedora - there have never been sexier men in all of history than those of the 1930s & 1940s.

Como actualizar estos outfit!!* .... Agregemos unos zapatos coloridos unos lentes modernos y una corbata o un corbatín llamativo!!


1940s Men's Hats: Vintage Styles, History, Buying Guide

1940s men's hats styles. Homburg, Fedora, Porkpie and straw Panama are the most common styles. Learn and shop at

men's trousers, 1940s. Love how the tie would never pass their waistband. Det få har fattat är att sådana byxor är lika sköna som mysbyxor. Jeans är rena plågoredskapen i jämförelse.