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Henry A. Wallace, 33rd Vice President of the United States under Franklin Roosevelt, graduated from Iowa State in 1910.


This epic photograph is probably the world’s most renowned media error. Harry Truman was to supposedly lose the 1948 presidential elections....

10 fascinating facts about President Harry S. Truman

"Dewey Defeats Truman" was a famously inaccurate banner headline on the front page of the Chicago Tribune on November 3, 1948, the day after incumbent United States President Harry S. Truman beat Republican challenger and Governor of New York Thomas E. Dewey in the 1948 presidential election in an upset victory.


Did you know? For the first time since 1948 propaganda is now legal in the U.S. - On 12/29/12, President Obama signed HR4310, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1078 of the bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the U.S., which had previously been banned since 1948.


July 17, 1948: The Dixiecrat Convention assembles in Birmingham, with over 6,000 delegates from across the South in attendance. They selected Strom Thurmond as the presidential candidate for their States' Rights Party. In the 1948 presidential election the Dixiecrats carried four states, including Alabama, where Democratic candidate Harry Truman's name did not even appear on the ballot.


Henry Agard Wallace (October 7, 1888 – November 18, 1965) was the 33rd Vice President of the United States (1941–1945), the Secretary of Agriculture (1933–1940), and the Secretary of Commerce (1945–1946). In the 1948 presidential election, Wallace was the presidential nominee of the Progressive Party against both Truman and Dewey.


In 1948, the Chicage Tribune was so certain that Dewey would win the presidential race, they printed the morning paper with that result. How wrong they were. Pres. Truman was the victor.