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1968 Democratic Convention

Kennedy family at the commissioning of the aircraft carrier, John. F. Kennedy, in 1967.

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The International Amphitheatre - Scene of the 1968 Democratic Convention & where I saw the Rolling Stones several years later.

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the vietnam war, anti-war protests, anti-war activists, the chicago 8, 1968 democratic convention

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Bobby and Rosie Grier...Bobby Kennedy, the Presidential Candidate, On the Shoulders of His Friend & Volunteer Body Guard During the 1968 Democratic Primary Campaign....In June of 1968, It Would Be Rosie Grier Who Would Help Wrestle Sirhan Sirhan to the Ground For Arrest...Friends to the End...

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Burt Glinn :: Two young protestors rest outside the convention hall during the turbulent 1968 Democratic Convention, Chicago, Illinois, 1968