Gold! The 70s were the time of disco and gold reigned supreme as the textile to wear to party. Other metallics were popular too. This dress would definitely be seen at Studio 54 for its color to shine under the lights, and its movability to dance in. I would do anything to travel back in time and make my way inside Studio 54.

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in this picture , womens wear a crop-top , demin jeans and SNEAKERS probably would have been my dream girls when I was nine!

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Bomber Jackets in the #80s. These totally awesome girls also have their jeans tight rolled and some bitchin' scrunchie socks. Who else had a bomber jacket in the late 80s?

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We're guessing this great photo was taken some time in the early 80's. If you know better, let us know. Bleachers and CO

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In the late 1980s, in Italy and most of western Europe, it was the fashion for teenage girls and young women to dress completely in black. Note the wide belt worn low at the hips

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