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Helping Students Understand the 2016 Election

This year looks to be a real doozy of an election! Get great ideas to help students understand the importance of elections, and tips on how to help students discuss the election with others. Includes great links and two freebies!

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Presidential Election 2016 - Election Activities and Online Voting Ballot

The presidential election will soon be here. I've provided resources and activities for studying the election process. Students can even vote online using Google forms. $


Freebie Friday!!! This set contains pages that can be used as a bulletin board, an in class vote (box and ballots), vocabulary cards, easy-reader booklet, and 3 research GO charts for the candidates (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.)It's simple for you, and gets to the point of the election's purpose.Enjoy!**Note: while this is set for 1st-4th grades, the reading level of the booklet falls around 2nd grade.

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Race for the White House: 2016 Election Station Activity

Engage and inform your students with 7 stations on the 2016 election and the candidates!

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Election 2016 Bundle

The 2016 election promises to present some tricky navigation for elementary teachers. Our kids will hear things about the candidates and the election at home, and may bring the discussion and questions into class with them. It can be hard to decide how to handle it all inside our classrooms.This resource will get your students talking about what issues are important to them, will allow them to learn and think about each candidate, explore some of the terms and practices associated with the…


This packet contains everything you need to conduct a MOCK Election and teach students about the election process during the upcoming presidential election season. This packet contains materials for the 2016 Presidential Election. NOTE: This packet has been updated to include additional ballots and graphic organizers that include other party or write-in candidates.

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Learn about the Electoral Process with this FREE Unit Study

Whether we agree with the candidates or not, learning about the electoral process is important. There are so many ways to introduce your children to the concept of Election and what it means in the United States of America. If you are looking for resources on teaching your children about the up coming election, this Election Unit Study is for you.

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Voting Booth for Kids for the 2016 Presidential Election

presidential election for kids | voting ballots, tally sheets, voter demographic collection, I VOTED stickers | free download voting activities for kids | elementary school, middle school | set up a kids voting booth with kid poll workers


Upper Elementary Snapshots

The 2016 Presidential election is fast approaching. This election has been one of the most controversial ones in recent memory. How do teachers tip-toe around student opinions and just teach the facts? We have created this blog post to help guide you on how to teach the presidential election without bias.


Black students organize to counteract pressure from Trump followers who plan to work as"poll watchers" on Election Day. Trump's mission is to intimidate people who are likely to vote for Hillary.