2020 olympics location

Swedish Olympic Committee has selected Fukuoka City for the 2020 Olympics training camp location. The agreement signed on October 8 with the Fukuoka City Hall is one of the first ones for the 2020 ...

Sports: Tokyo, Japan has been chosen as the location for the 2020 Olympics instead of other candidates such as Madrid, Spain and Istanbul, Turkey.

Save Tokyo’s biggest nature park and bird sanctuary from the 2020 Olympics! This fragile ecosystem and beautiful bird sanctuary faces a grave threat due to Tokyo’s Olympic Games. One third of the park is currently slated as the location for the canoe slalom course which will only be used for 5 days. It will be replaced with an artificial waterway and stands that will seat 15,000 people, destroying the only place in the city where you can regularly spot birds like hawks, thrushes, and…

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Tokyo Tower 2020 >>> If this is referencing what I think this is referencing...I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR TOKYO 2020 OLYMPICS

WORLD ORDER "Welcome to TOKYO" - I love this pop song and the unique dance style of these guys...they film in many wonderful location in Japan. Take note that one is under their very own billboard. I am intrigued with the incredible physically fit men in bike shorts and bamboo hats...delivery men?...messengers? Created for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo...hopefully this video has a long life to it...

The Olympics being held in Tokyo will be more radioactive than some parts of Chernobyl. Athletes take pride in staying healthy many will not participate if the games are not moved to a safer location. The winner will receive a plutonium metal. http://miami-water.com/blog/3405/olympics-2020-will-need-moved-tokoyo-japan/

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