Pre-Baby Meal Prep. 21 Freezer meals in just 3 hours! That's THREE WEEKS worth of dinners!

Pre-Baby Meal Prep- 21 Freezer Meals to Make

Pre-Baby Meal Prep- 21 Freezer Meals to Make. Don't need this for the pre baby part but looks like some good recipe ideas

21 weeks pregnant - Google Search

BabyList Trimester - Month- Week Conversion Chart I'm 30 weeks and 3 days today almost 8 months already :) :)

Non-alcoholic Watermelon Sangria

Non-alcoholic Watermelon Sangria

IRON & TWINE: Non-alcoholic Watermelon Sangria I am gonna add a bottle wine to mine.

We get many questions from moms-to-be asking whether or not it’s safe for them to continue to exercise.

Sure, expectant moms can continue to exercise! Check out this series of safe exercises as well as exercise tips to take moms-to-be from early pregnancy gently and safely through to delivery…

Tone Up with this 2 Week At Home Pregnancy Workout Plan.

Pregnancy Workout Challenge-14 Day Jumpstart

Greek Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki - the marinade for the chicken is so good* I use it even when Im not making gyros!

21 weeks pregnant

21 weeks pregnant - Pregnancy calendar

A Couple Photos Photos I took and edited + baby ultrasound 11 & 20 week comparison. Click to see all photos!

A Couple Photos 21 weeks baby bump maternity photo The butterflies he gave me, turned into tiny feet

Such easy maternity fashion: boots with black leggings and Maternity top with brown belt. DONE!

Los beneficios de contar con una calculadora gestacional

36 weeks pregnant, Prego belly, Maternity fashion, third trimester outfit, boots with black leggings and Motherhood Maternity top with brown belt

What your baby looks like: 21 weeks

What your baby looks like at 21 weeks

Some women are all like, "I love being pregnant" and I'm over here thinking I still have 3 more months before I can drink beer again...

I wish Ipad Air is some kind of toys back when i was 5 years old, so my parents don't complain at me even though it's expensive.

I made a bunch of freezer meals when I was pregnant and we loved all of the crockpot recipes from this site. So easy and healthy!

Before my fourth baby was born I decided to stock my freezer with 40 homemade freezer meals. I split the meals into three separate prep sessions so it really wasn’t that hard to do. The third session

Freeze smoothies for the week then just add almond milk and blend.

prepare smoothies ahead of time and throw them in a blender with almond milk or orange juice or coconut water, etc.