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Day 23. I am most grateful to feel my baby kicks. I am 25 weeks pregnant and delighted about our new addition to our family. I don't think one can truly know how precious life is until it is almost snatch from you. Thank you for being a God of 2nd, 3rd 4th and 5th chances. My prayer today is that you grant each women that desires to conceive from their own womb the opportunity to experiences life from her womb. Thank you God

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Postpartum Essentials for Momma

Our little Brody Parker is officially two weeks old today. Between diapers, baby clothes, rockers and baby gear, I nearly forgot about preparing myself for postpartum. Momma requires nearly as much gear as baby! Two weeks later, I am feeling almost 100% healed and back to normal thanks to the essentials below. Nursing Bra | Numbing Spray | Nipple Shield | Disposable Undies | Stool Softener | Peri Bottle | Nursing Gown | Comfy Undies | Witch Hazel Pads | Baby Wrap | Feeding App…

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25 Pregnancy Delivery Hospital Bag Checklists

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4 Week Pregnancy Workout Plan

At Home Pregnancy Workout Plan. No gym needed.

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50 Things to do While You Nest & Prep for a New Baby

50 Things to do While You Nest & Prep for a New Baby... because pregnancy will turn you into a woman on a mission whether you like it or not!

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Making sense of the pregnancy countdown…

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Yoga for Birth Preparation - A class focusing on Yoga especially for the last few weeks of pregnancy

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Layers of Life

Maybe if I keep pinning baby things, then my baby will come sooner. If this were true, I'd have a house full by now.

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