Disney Princess Denim Skirt size 4 years old by DancingDragonfly, $29.99

13 year olds then vs 13 year olds now Talk about pushing girls appearance expectation...fuck Barbie, this does way more damage.

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Cindy Joseph, 63 year old model whose joie de vivre is nothing short of inspiring.

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Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait has been on so many different banknotes that you can use them to construct a timeline of her aging. 8 years old: 25 years old: 29 years old: 34 years old: 66 years old: 78 years old. - Soon to be the Longest reining Queen in history!

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Patrick the wombassador is a whopping 29 years old, making him the oldest living wombat! (photo: Ballarat Wildlife Park)

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Blessed Is The Person Who Has Earned The Love Of An Old Dog #olddogsneedlovetoo #loveseniors #sweetpups

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Our very favorite books for 6 year olds (but not to be limited to 6 year olds...)

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