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Math Worksheets: Strengthen Your Children's Basic Subtraction Skills


Telling Time Poster

This poster displays everything your students need to know about telling time. It displays the hours as well as the minutes. I included the words "o'clock, quarter past, half past, and quarter to." I put a line on the clock that represents when a child would use the term "past" and "to." The minute and hour hands are labeled.*Credit for border is in PDF.


Classroom rules: On the first day of school we sit down as a class and make our own classroom rules. These rules are created during a discussion by the students, while being facilitated by me. Surprisingly, student created rules are often the same as – or even tougher than – rules a teacher might create. The rules the students create become the standard for expected behavior by which all students agree. When students actively participate in establishing rules for the classroom and…


First Day of School Classroom Rules - Here is a great interactive notebook activity for students to learn school rules. It will be a great addition for your beginning of the year activities! Please see the preview and thumbnails to view the 5 sets of school rules outlined herein. There is also a template to create your own school rules.


Complete poster set for your Daily 5 Charlie Brown theme classroom. The set contains posters for read to self, read to someone, Word Work, Work on ...


Fun class auction project! 2 nd grade Class Project for school Auction. "Our House Rules". Each student gave one of their favorite or most important house rules. It was then printed on canvas with their initials behind the rule they gave.