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3 Circle Venn Diagram Template IDEA: Use for conflict resolution between three friends... how they are similar and yet different

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Persuasive Appeals (Ethos, Pathos, Logos) Human Sorts Review Game

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3 Circle Venn Diagram Graphic Organizer and Lesson Plan

This is a simple yet effective Graphic Organizer with 3 circles. Students use this generic 3 circle Venn Diagram graphic organizer to respond to literature.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Religions: Monotheistic Religions Summarizer Web

Great summarizing activity or ticket to leave. Students take information from the three monotheistic religions and then use this 3 circle venn diag...

These Venn Diagrams are perfect for any level class working on comparing and contrasting. There are 4 Venn Diagrams in English and 4 in French with and without lines outside of the diagram for students to label the circles. If you are having students compare and contrast 3 elements, you'll LOVE the version with 3 circles!