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Find the area of the blue region accurate up to 3 decimal places. (A=?, a=1732)

Find the area of the shaded region accurate up to 3 decimal places. (A=?, r=1389)

Find the area of the black region accurate up to 3 decimal places. (A=?, a=20, b=10)

CONFIDENTIAL1 Good Afternoon! Today we will be learning about Place value to 3 Decimal places. Let’s warm up : 1)Write the place value of the underlined.

Decimal Place Value Mats: Montessori-inspired - (8.5" x 14" legal size)

Decimal Place Value Mats: These 8.5x14" mats can be used to introduce the concept of decimal place value, the names of the places, adding and subtracting decimals, and more! $


Can you solve it? The Pi Day puzzle that will spin you in circles

Pi-interest.celebrates pi, the number that is 3.14 to two decimal places. March 14, is extra auspicious this year since it is the once-in-a-century Rounded Up Pi Day, when the month, day and year are pi correct to four decimal places rounded up to the nearest decimal place. Pi is 3.14159 to five decimal places. Rounded up to four it is 3.1416. S it be be 100 more years before we see 3/14/16 again.

Decimal Place Value Mats

Math Coachs Corner: Models for Decimal Place Value. Two great models for decimals are blocks and money. Try using money first, because kids are really familiar with it, and then move to blocks, which are a bit more abstract concept.


Decimal Place Value Parlor Ice Cream from Whimsy Resources on - (16 pages) - Decimal Place Value Parlor Instant Math Center Identify Decimal Place Value