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Carrier Deal Gets Worse As Trump Spent 7 Million Taxpayer Dollars To Keep 800 Jobs In US Dec 1st, 2016


Estate In Potomac, MD, Worth 10 Million Dollars, Keyword : Home, House, Mansion, Masonwood, Million Dollar Home, Beautiful


Omw... I sooo love all things pink... If I had my licence and a million dollars. LOL!!! This would be my 'PINK' ride!!!


1931 Type 41 Bugatti Royale -> US 8.7 million dollars, Weighing at around an incredible 3.5 tons and measuring almost 14 feet, this car was purely meant for the rich. Bugatti weren’t thinking of power and speed at that time, only on using the finest materials, like woods, rare leathers and precious metals to give their cars a stunning appeal, and price. With 6 models ever built, the car used to cost even up to 100 times the cost of common vehicles in 1931, an incredible 42,000 dollars