Herdwick sheep were probably introduced by Norse settlers during the Viking invasions (10th-11th c.). The husbandry of the sheep has been a large factor in shaping the culture & terrain of the Lake District. Beatrix Potter was involved with breeding Herdwicks & bequeathed 15 farms to the National Trust. Per her instructions all continue to graze Herdwick flocks.

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One of God’s greatest gifts to us is the joy of trying again, for no failure ever need be final. -President Thomas S. Monson

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Your Heavenly Father loves you...that love never changes. Thomas S. #Monson #LDS love our prophet x

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In 1947 the 22nd amendment was voted in and ratified limiting the president to two terms. The implementation of a "New Deal" for the American worker by FDR, our 32 president, resulted in the largest economic expansion recorded in the United States. Workers getting fair pay, a good education and a secure retirement doesn't hurt the economy, it helps it.

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Watch This Kid President Tells What The 20 Things Everyone Should Say More Often Are Watch this little man make this inspiring speech and find out what you should say more every day to make the world awesome.

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