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Bernie Sanders invokes FDR in explaining socialism as 'foundation of middle class'

In 1947 the 22nd amendment was voted in and ratified limiting the president to two terms. The implementation of a "New Deal" for the American worker by FDR, our 32 president, resulted in the largest economic expansion recorded in the United States. Workers getting fair pay, a good education and a secure retirement doesn't hurt the economy, it helps it.

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32 Inspiring Quotes from 16 General Relief Society Presidents

LDS quote from Barbara W Winder, 11th General Relief Society President

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Your Heavenly Father loves you...that love never changes. Thomas S. #Monson #LDS love our prophet x

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt

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NoBama has done NOTHING to help inner cities!!

This is what we all get after January 20. Let's see what "best words" he'll have.

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A good reminder that you can’t give away what you don’t have; you can't lift others unless you're climbing to higher ground yourself, and you can't light a fire in another soul unless it's first burning in your own. From President Monson's April 1999 message LIKE and SHARE if you agree.

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Presidents' Day: Celebrating the Gifts from our Leaders

President's Day craft. George Washington craft + George Washington writing for of the class. Abe Lincoln craft + Abe Lincoln writing for the other half of the class.

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100+ Facts About US Presidents 32- Franklin D Roosevelt

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Watching the Cuban national baseball team play the Tampa Bay Rays in 2016.

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