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These Hairstyles are NOT Toddler Friendly

Devacut on 2c/3a hair - Brunette, 3a, Wavy hair, Medium hair styles, Female, 2c, Makeovers, Adult hair Hairstyle Picture


2C to 3A Hair Routine: 1/ Wet hair & massage scalp with conditioner. Rinse. 2/ Massage more conditioner all through hair. Take cup of cold water and pour over hair. Repeat till conditioner is diluted through hair but not rinsed out. 3/ Scrunch hair upward to remove excess water and start activating curl. 4/ Use t-shirt to scrunch hair but hair should still remain very wet. 5/ Take a dollop or 2 of gel and scrunch into hair. Diffuse upside down low heat low speed till mostly dry. 6/ Scrunch…