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3dprinted Cute Robot Succulent Planter -Sitting

3dprinted Cute Robot Succulent Planter Sitting Robbie the Robot Planter sitting. How will you personalize cute Robbie the robot planter by styling his hair with succulents, herbs or cactus? 3d-Printed in sandstone, this cute figurine makes a great gift or a desktop buddy. Sitting Robbie is one of 3 designs. Size IN: 2.1 w x 2.5 d x 3.5 h CM: 5.4 w x 6.3 d x 8.9 h NOTE* the planters do not come with the plant or soil. We arent able to ship organic material. The shipping and product…


A low cost 3D printer with basic tools

A low cost 3D printer with basic tools. I love the tutorial for making this 3d printer. The best one I've seen so far with minimal tools.


Now Anyone Can Purchase Kits to 3D Print Their Own Prosthetic Hands for Only $45, thanks to inventor and 3-D printing designer Jeremy Simon. Most prosthetic hands range anywhere from $20,000 up to over $100,000.


10 Affordable 3D Printers You Can Get Right Now

Jerry and Jake Wood, the father and son team behind seem to have found the right balance between price and performance with the Phoenix. Set for a short three week run on Kickstarter, the printer is funded after three days.


Formlabs Whips Up New Squishy, Shiny 3-D Printing Materials

Low-cost 3-D printing has given designers and engineers tremendous freedom—as long as they only need to design products made of plastic. Sure, 3-D printable plastics are available in a rainbow of colors. And yes, there are corn-based plastics, glow-in-the dark plastics, and even color-changing plastics with glitter mixed in. But if an engineer needs to…


You Can Now 3D Print with Metal at Home

Finally: an open-source metal 3D printer that can be built for less than $2000.


EOS & Cooksongold Team to Launch the PRECIOUS M 080 Jewelry DMLS 3D Printer


New low cost affordable 3D printer unveiled. Now Professor Joshua Pearce and his team of 3D apostles from Michigan Technological University are proclaiming the era of Open Access 3D Printing, having published their “A Low-Cost, Open-Source Metal 3-D Printer,”