DUAL Extruders and Nozzle

DUAL Extruders and Nozzle

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83-Year-Old Inventor Designs Inexpensive Open-Source Filament Extruder to Cut the Cost of 3D Printing

Make Your Own 3D Printing Filament by Building Your Own Filament Extruder http://3dprint.com/56759/diy-filastruder-instructables/

Make Your Own Printer Filament by Building Your Own Filament Extruder

Portabee 3D Printer Extruder Closeup

Singapored based romscraj released Portabee printer, a Printrbot/Wallace variant. The portabee is a portable printer designed to be packed into a 14 inch laptop bag in a few seconds.

BPS 3D Экструдер Printer Kit V3 - Билла студия прототип

BPS Printer Extruder - Designed for Speed, Reliability and Durability Printing flexible filament at is fast? The BPS will print This ki

Make Your Own 3D Printer Extruder http://3dprint.com/25029/atom-3d-diy-extruder/

Make Your Own Printer Extruder with casters/cogs - possible use of my material (cast polyamide which I can produce) for the casters/cogs

Failure is always an option. 3D printing

Never forget!

Failure is always an option, but we should not let this deter us from greatness.

In this photo you can see the precise extrusion produced by the our new RAM…

2000 ml Linear actuator Ram

Linear actuator ram only. This is an ideal option if you already have an existing Printer. RAM can be adapted to almost any style of machine.

Best 3D Printer Extruder in 2016 - 3DPrinterPrices.net

Challenge: Get the Flexion extruder to work with Delta style printers and printing Flexible material using a tube.