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Formlabs 3D Prints Crystal Clear Magifying Lens on Form 1+ Printer

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First 3D-printed pill approved by US authorities

In a world first, the US Food and Drug Administration has given go-ahead for a printed pill to go into production.

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3D-Printed Bubble House Proposed For Living On Mars [The Future of Mars Exploration: 3D Printing:]

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heart 4 - International Women's Day Highlight: 15 women making a difference with 3D printing | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

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Food printing is getting sweeter every day. And, while only a few food printers are on the market, there are new products and companies being made public on a regular basis. The most recent comes from the home of Hansel and Gretel, where the third largest German candy maker, Katjes, has begun 3D printing gummies. […]

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Three Emerging 3-D Printing Companies You Should Watch

Stratasys and MakerBot might have gotten the techworld all aquiver, but there are plenty of options for the amateur printer to choose from.

"Rather than using a non-recyclable material such as plastics, 3-D paper may be the new material best suited to produce resilient objects, such as stools, tables and lamps,” says Ata Sina, a master’s student in Mechanical Engineering at UBC.

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